Ammunition and Weaponry

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In the trade of war, weapons are a soldier's tools. The world of Infinity has an enormous variety of fighting implements, from the futuristic and sophisticated to the basic and rudimentary. In the right hands, any of them can be absolutely lethal.


In Infinity CodeOne, weapons have different Types of Ammunition, each of them with different effects and with their own features. [read more...]

Normal (N) Ammunition

Normal Ammunition is the conventional form of ammunition and has no special effects. [read more...]

Armor Piercing (AP) Ammunition

A type of ammunition designed to penetrate even the toughest armor plating. [read more...]

Double Action (DA) Ammunition

This Ammunition uses high-impact light caliber projectiles. [read more...]

Eclipse Ammunition

Eclipse Ammunition is a variant of Smoke Ammunition designed to block the effect of Multispectral Visors. [read more...]

Electromagnetic (E/M) Ammunition

This ammunition emits a high-energy electromagnetic pulse upon activation or upon impact, with the intent of disabling the target's electronics. [read more...]

Isolated State

Troopers in Isolated State cannot receive Orders from their Order Pool. If, at the start of his following Active Turns, the Trooper is still Isolated, then he is considered to be Irregular and does not add his Order to his Order Pool this Turn. [read more...]

Explosive (EXP) Ammunition

A type of ordnance designed to cause massive damage to the target by detonating on impact. [read more...]

Paralysis (PARA) Ammunition

This ammunition has been specially designed not to cause any real harm, but it is powerful enough to immobilize any adversary. [read more...]

Immobilized-A State

The Trooper suffered a successful Attack or Effect using an Ammunition, Hacking Program or a game condition or Scenario Special Rule, capable of causing this state. Troopers in Immobilized-A State cannot declare any Skill or ARO, except Dodge, applying a -6 PH MOD. [read more...]

Shock Ammunition

This Ammunition is designed to kill rather than simply incapacitate enemy combatants. [read more...]

Smoke Ammunition

Smoke Ammunition is a non-lethal ammunition used to block enemy lines of fire, allowing allied forces to advance and maneuver. [read more...]

Stun Ammunition

A type of ammunition devised to incapacitate its target without killing it. [read more...]

Stunned State

Troopers in this state cannot declare Attacks. Moreover, Troopers in Stunned State must apply a MOD of -3 to any Roll they perform, except Saving Rolls. [read more...]

T2 Ammunition

A high value ammunition that causes severe damage to the target. [read more...]

Combined Ammunition

In Infinity CodeOne some weapons can combine the effects of more than one type of Ammunition. Such weapons will indicate the different types of Ammunition they combine with the plus sign (AP+DA for example). [read more...]

Combined Saving Roll

Some weapons in Infinity may require a Saving Roll against different Attributes. These weapons will indicate the different combined Attributes with the plus sign (ARM+BTS for example). [read more...]


Each weapon in Infinity has its own game profile, and some of them have special rules. [read more...]

Mixed Weapons

These are ranged weapons with Range MODS, while also having the CC Trait and, therefore, have a Melee Weapon Mode as well as a BS Weapon Mode. [read more...]


Demolition (or simply D) Charges is the generic name for any number of remotely detonated explosive charges. [read more...]


Mines are a type of Deployable Weapon used to control small areas of the battlefield and influence the movement of enemy troops. [read more...]

Perimeter Weapons

Within military confines, the term tactical perimeter devices is used for automated zone defense systems. [read more...]


The various types of Pistols are BS Weapons with two usage modes. [read more...]


A support BS Weapon that shoots Deployable Repeaters, a range amplifier for Hackers. [read more...]


A Direct Template BS Weapon that uses VoodooTech to induce the Sepsitorized state in Troopers with a Cube or similar system. [read more...]

Sepsitorized State

Troopers in this state cannot be activated or receive Orders from their player's Order Pool. While they are Sepsitorized, Troopers are considered to be enemies by the rest of their owner's Troopers and are considered to be allies by the Troopers of the player that caused this game state. [read more...]


The SymbioBomb is a single use piece of equipment that allows its owner, in whose Trooper Profile the SymbioBomb is listed, to assign it to a Trooper in the same Army List, called the user, in order to provide additional attack and support advantages. [read more...]