Electromagnetic (E/M) Ammunition

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This ammunition emits a high-energy electromagnetic pulse upon activation or upon impact, with the intent of disabling the target's electronics.

  • After a successful attack using E/M Ammunition, the target must make two Saving Rolls per impact suffered, using half his BTS value (2 x BTS/2).
  • E/M Ammunition reduces the BTS value of its target to half of its original value, rounding up.
  • A failed Saving Roll against E/M Ammunition causes the target to enter Isolated State, preventing it from receiving Orders from the Order Pool. In that case, place an Isolated Token next to the affected figure.
  • If, at the start of his following Active Turns, the Trooper is still Isolated, then he is considered to be Irregular and it does not add his Order to that Turns Order Pool.
  • If the target fails a Saving Roll and is Heavy Infantry (HI), a TAG, a Remote (REM) or a Vehicle, then it also enters Immobilized-B State. Place an Immobilized-B Token (IMM-B) next to it in addition to the Isolated Token.
  • A Trooper who receives an impact from E/M Ammunition and fails the Saving Roll must make the usual Guts Roll, if applicable.
  • The exception to this are HIs, TAGs, Remotes and Vehicles that, having failed the Saving Roll, are now Immobilized-B and cannot make Guts Rolls. Also, Troopers possessing the Courage Special Skill, or an equivalent can ignore this rule.
  • Critical hits with E/M Ammunition cause the target to make an additional Saving Roll, applying their halved BTS value.