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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Special piece of Equipment that allows other Models with Structure Attribute to regain consciousness.

  • A GizmoKit's target must be an Allied Model.
  • A GizmoKit can be used in one of two ways, each one with their own Requirements:
    • To use it remotely, the user must have LoF to the target.
    • To use it as a piece of contact equipment, the user must be in Silhouette contact with the target.
  • Used remotely, a GizmoKit is considered a Non-Lethal BS Weapon. If the user passes a BS Attack Roll, applying the corresponding MODs (for Range, Cover, etc.), the target will perform a single PH Roll.
  • A GizmoKit can also be used in Silhouette contact. To do so, the user must spend one Short Skill, without the need for a Roll, and their target will perform a PH Roll.
  • In both cases, by passing the PH Roll, the target recovers a single point of their Structure Attribute. If the PH Roll is failed, the target loses 1 STR point instead of regaining it, entering Unconscious or Dead State, if applicable. (See FAQs & Errata. If recovered to 1 STR, Unconscious State is cancelled.)
  • A GizmoKit's target does not perform a Saving Roll.
  • This piece of Equipment can be used as many times as necessary to recover as many STR points as the target has lost.
  • If, due a Special Skill or rule, a Trooper receives more than one successful hit or use of GizmoKit during the same Order, if any of the corresponding PH Rolls is successful, the Trooper recovers a single point of their Structure Attribute. Even if the Trooper passes every PH Roll, they will only recover a single point of their STR Attribute.
  • If a Trooper lists GizmoKit in their Unit Profile with a PH value between brackets, the Trooper will use this PH value when a GizmoKit is used on them.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
GizmoKit +3 0 -6 -- -- -- -- -- 1 -- -- Non-Lethal, [***see above]

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How do Engineer, GizmoKits, and Unconscious State interact?

A: If a Trooper with STR is in Unconscious State, successful use of a GizmoKit or the Engineer Special Skill on them will restore the Trooper to 1 STR and cancel their Unconscious State. But the Unconscious State would be the only State cancelled by the Engineer, to cancel other States must use another Order.

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