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Special piece of Equipment that allows other Models to regain consciousness.

  • A MediKit's target must be an Allied Model in Unconscious State, unless certain scenario rules say otherwise.
  • A MediKit can be used in one of two ways, each one with their own Requirements:
  • To use it remotely, the user must have LoF to the target.
  • To use it as a piece of contact equipment, the user must be in Silhouette contact with the target.
  • Used remotely, a MediKit is considered a Non-Lethal BS Weapon. If the user passes a BS Attack Roll, applying the corresponding MODs (for Range, Cover, etc.), the target will perform a single PH Roll.
  • A MediKit can also be used in Silhouette contact. To do so, the user must spend one Short Skill, without the need for a Roll, and their target will perform a PH Roll.
  • In both cases, by passing the PH Roll, the target's Unconscious State is cancelled, by recovering a single point of their Wounds Attribute. If the PH Roll is failed, the target automatically enters the Dead State and is removed from the game table.
  • A MediKit's target does not perform a Saving Roll.
  • By using a MediKit, a Trooper may be recovered from the Unconscious State as many times as necessary, as long as they pass the corresponding PH Roll.
  • If, due a Special Skill or rule, a Trooper receives more than one successful hit or use of MediKit during the same Order, if any of the corresponding PH Rolls is failed, the Trooper automatically enters the Dead State. Even if the Trooper passes every PH Roll, they will only recover a single point of their Wounds Attribute.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
MediKit +3 0 -6 -- -- -- -- - 1 - - Non-Lethal, [*see above]