Enhanced Reaction

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.


Supportware, No Roll.
  • The target must be a REM from the same Army List as the user, and must be inside the user's Hacking Area .
  • Enhanced Reaction grants the target REM a Burst value of 2 in ARO.
  • When the user activates this Program, which does not require a Roll, place a Supportware Enhanced Reaction Token (Sup: Enhanced Reaction) beside the user, and beside the REM.
  • Once activated, this Program's range covers the entire game table.

Name Attack MOD Opp. MOD DAM B Target Skill Type Special
Enhanced Reaction -- -- -- -- REM Entire Order Target gains B2 in ARO.


Supportware is automatically cancelled if the Trooper or Troop Type that benefits from the Supportware becomes targeted by a new Supportware Program, or the Hacker that is running it becomes Isolated or enters a Null State.