BS Attack

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Common Skill employed to attack in ranged combat using a BS Weapon or another suitable weapon or piece of Equipment.

  • Be using a BS Weapon, or a Skill or piece of Equipment capable of making a BS Attack.
  • Be able to draw Line of Fire (LoF) to the target of the BS Attack, unless the BS Weapon, Skill or piece of Equipment used doesn't require LoF.
  • Not be in Engaged State during the Activation phase of that Order.
  • The user employs his BS Attribute (or Attribute specified by the weapon) to fire upon one or more enemies.
  • When declaring a BS Attack, the user must choose which of his BS Weapons, Special Skills or pieces of Equipment to use, from those available in his Unit Profile.
  • If the attacker has more than one target and a BS Weapon, Special Skill or piece of Equipment with a Burst value higher than 1, they must distribute their attacks as part of the BS Attack declaration.
  • All shots must be declared from the same point.
  • If the chosen weapon has more than one Type of Ammunition available, you must choose one for the entire Burst, as part of the BS Attack declaration.

Move + BS Attack (or Vice Versa)

Since the Skills used in an Order are simultaneous, a BS Attack can be declared at any point during the route followed by the Move Skill. If the Burst is divided among several targets, all shots must be made from a single point. Usually, the attack is made from the position that offers the biggest advantage: a clear LoF, targets out of Cover, optimal range, etc.

BS Attack Into a Close Combat

If a BS Attack is declared against an enemy Trooper that is engaged in CC Combat a -6 MOD must be applied for each Allied Trooper engaged in the CC (in addition to any MODs for Range, Cover, Mimetism... for the target).