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Game Round

Infinity CodeOne games are divided into Game Rounds, or Rounds, during which both players have the chance to take an active role. This means each Round is divided into two Player Turns, or Turns, one for each player.

At the start of a Round, a new Player Turn begins, following the turn order determined during the Initiative Phase.


Player Turn

During each Turn there is an Active Player and a Reactive Player. The Active Player can activate his Troopers and execute actions, while the Reactive Player can react to the activation of the Active Player's Troopers (see ARO: Automatic Reaction Order). Each Player Turn is divided into these steps:

  1. Start of the Turn: Tactical Phase
    1. Order count
  2. Orders Phase
  3. States Phase
  4. End of the Turn

Start of the Turn: Tactical Phase

The Tactical Phase is the step when the Active Player makes a series of quick checks before they start activating their Troopers.

Order Count

The Active Player counts how many Orders he has at his disposal for this Turn, by counting the number, type and state of his Troopers.

Regular Orders


For each Regular Trooper deployed on the table, as a Model or Marker, that is not in a Null state (Unconscious, Dead…), the Active Player adds one Regular Order to his Order Pool.

Lieutenant Special Order


If the Active Player has a Lieutenant deployed on the table in a non-Null state, the player places the Special Lieutenant Order in a visible place.


Troopers that have yet to deploy on the table as a Model or Marker (for example, due to the Combat Jump Special Skill) do not contribute their Order to their Order Pool. Undeployed Troopers' Orders are Private Information, so their player can keep their Orders secret and out of sight of the opponent.

Orders Phase

This is the main phase of the Player Turn, when the Active Player gets to use her Order Pool and the Lieutenant Special Order to activate her Troopers. The Active Player has no obligation to expend all Orders. However, unused Orders cannot be reserved for subsequent Turns, and are lost.

States Phase

Once the Active Player runs out of Orders, or decides not to use the remaining ones, both players will carry out any checks for those States or Skills that require it. These rolls do not generate AROs.

All Order Markers still on the table are removed.

End of the Turn

Once all checks are made, the Active Player Turn ends.