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Skill that allows Close Combat fighting, striking an adversary in Silhouette contact.

  • Allows use of the CC Attribute to fight in Close Combat (CC).
  • By declaring a CC Attack, Troopers may only use those Weapons with the CC Trait.
  • If a Trooper has several targets and a Burst value that is higher than 1, the player must clarify how they are dividing the Burst when declaring the CC Attack.
  • In the Resolution step, check which MODs to apply, and make the CC Attack Rolls using the corresponding Attribute.
  • For each success obtained in CC Attack Rolls, the target must perform a Saving Roll (See Damage).
  • Coup de Grâce: If the Enemy Target is inUnconscious or Shasvastii-Embryo State when declaring the CC Attack, then, without needing to perform a roll, the target automatically goes from Unconscious to Dead State without the possibility of making a Saving Roll.