Wounds and Structure

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Unless otherwise specified, each successful hit reduces the Wounds/STR Attribute of the target of the Attack by 1 point. When this happens, place a Wound Token (WOUND) next to the Trooper. Use the numbers on the Tokens to indicate the number of Wounds/STR points the Trooper has lost so far. If the Trooper has lost enough Wounds/STR points to fall Unconscious, use an Unconscious State Token (UNCONSCIOUS) instead.


Certain types of Ammunition, Attacks, Equipment, Hacking Programs, etc. force the target to make more than one Saving Roll for each success in the Attack Roll (for example, DA ammunition forces the target to perform 2 Saving Rolls for each successful Attack). Others cause the target to lose more than 1 point of Wounds/STR when a Saving Roll is failed, or cause a change in the state of the target.

In these cases, the special effects are explained in the rule, or in the Weapon Chart itself.