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Common Skill that allows placement of Deployable Weapons and pieces of Equipment on the game table.

  • Allows the user to place a Token on the game table to represent the Weapon or the piece of Equipment, with no Roll required.
  • In the Active Turn, the Trooper can deploy the Token in Silhouette contact or, if he moved, in Silhouette contact with any part of his route. In the Reactive Turn, the Trooper must deploy it in Silhouette contact.
  • The Token must be fully supported by the surface it is placed on and cannot be placed on a vertical surface.
  • The Token is placed in the Conclusion of the Order in which the Trooper declared this Skill.
  • Once the Token has been placed on the Table, the Weapon or piece of Equipment is activated, and can be used in subsequent Orders/AROs.
  • A Weapon or piece of Equipment that has been deployed on the battlefield will remain in play until the end of the game, until it is destroyed, or in case of Deployable Weapons, until detonated.
  • By placing a Weapon or piece of Equipment, Deployment rules must be observed and, in the case of playing a scenario, the Deployment restrictions it may impose.


Deployable Weapons and pieces of Equipment have their own profiles with Attributes, and can be designated as targets in games.