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In Infinity, every Weapon has its own game profile and some of them even have special usage rules. This chapter describes how to read such a profile, and each Weapon is detailed individually in the Weapons Chart. The MULTI Rifle will be used as an example to explain how to read a BS Weapon profile.

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Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
MULTI Rifle (Burst Mode) +3 +3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -- 13 3 AP ARM
MULTI Rifle (Anti-materiel Mode) +3 +3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -- 13 1 DA ARM

MULTI Weapons are an example of Weapons that have more than one firing mode. Each firing mode has a Burst (B) and different Ammunition associated with them. The player must decide which firing mode to use each time they declare a BS Attack.

Range indicates the Weapon's reach in inches. In this case the MULTI Rifle has a reach of 0 to 48 inches, this reach is divided in different ranges that imply different MODs to the BS Attack Roll, as explained in the Range Modifier section.

Damage indicates the destructive capability of the Weapon. The higher the Damage value, the more powerful the Weapon.

Burst (B) is the number of dice the Active Player must roll when declaring a BS Attack. Remember that in the Reactive Turn the value of B is 1, unless modified by a rule or Skill.

The Ammunition column indicates what Type of Ammunition the Weapon uses. For Weapons that can use more than one Type of Ammunition, the different options will appear separated by a "/", in this case, when declaring a BS Attack, the whole Burst B must always use the same Type of Ammunition.

However, if the Types of Ammunition are linked by a "+" it means both Types are combined.

Example 1

The MULTI Rifle in Burst Mode can use AP Ammunition and B3. This means that if the player declares BS Attack, they will roll 3 dice with AP Ammunition. Conversely, if they decide to use Anti-materiel Mode they will have just 1 die available, but will use DA Ammunition.

Example 2

A weapon that uses AP+DA Ammunition indicates that the target must perform 2 Saving Rolls for each received hit, with the corresponding Saving Roll Attribute halved.

The Saving Attribute column for the Saving Roll will indicate the necessary Attribute or Attributes (ARM, BTS, PH, ARM+BTS, etc.) to know whether each received impact's Damage or Effect is avoided or not. As with Ammunition, saving with different Attributes or their combination may be necessary (see Damage).

Traits are special features some Weapons and Equipment pieces possess. They are all explained in the Labels and Traits Section. An asterisk (*) in this section indicates that the Weapon or piece of Equipment has extra rules in the corresponding section of the rulebook.

Next, two more examples on how to read the Weapons Chart are shown.

Breaker Combi Rifle

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
Breaker Combi Rifle +3 +3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -- 13 3 AP BTS
Example 3

The Breaker Combi Rifle indicates that for each received impact the target must perform one Saving Roll, with their BTS Attribute halved.


Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
MediKit +3 0 -6 -- -- -- -- - 1 - - Non-Lethal*
Example 4

The MediKit is a piece of Equipment that is considered a Non-Lethal BS Weapon. Therefore, the Weapons Chart indicates the Range MOD. Although in the Traits section the [*] indicates that it is a weapon or piece of Equipment that has additional explanation in the rulebook.