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Army List

The Army List is the list of troops that make up the combat forces the player will be using during the game.

In order to play a game of Infinity, the first step will be to determine the number of Army Points with which the Army Lists will be created. This number will be decided by mutual agreement between the players, or it could be determined by the organizer in the case of an event.

A standard Infinity CodeOne game is organized with 30 Points and 6 SWC, which would let players field an adequate number of Troopers and give a game of average duration.

Army Points and Value

The total sum of the Cost of the Troopers that make up an Army List must always be equal to or lower than the number of Army Points agreed upon for the game.

In order to create an Army List, the player needs to select his Troopers from the ones available for his faction (PanOceania, Yu Jing, Combined Army...) and add up their Cost.

Availability (AVA)

All Troopers have an Availability (AVA) value on their Unit Profile. The Availability Attribute determines the maximum number of Troopers from the Unit that can be included in the player’s Army List.

An Availability of Total allows the player to field as many Troopers from that Unit as desired, without exceeding the agreed Army Points for the game. from

Support Weapons Cost (SWC)

Support Weapons are the weapons or Special Equipment not included in the basic or standard equipment. These Support Weapons have a specific cost named Support Weapons Cost (SWC).

On each Unit Profile, the SWC for each option for that Trooper is specified, taking into account the weapons and the equipment at their disposal.

In game terms, each 5 Army Points will provide 1 point of SWC to spend on Troopers with Support Weapons.

For example, in a standard 30 Point game, players will have 6 SWC points available to spend on Troopers with Support Weapons.


Troopers whose SWC value has the + symbol will provide the player that many extra SWC points to be added to the total of the Support Weapons Points available for his Army List. In addition, it will not cost the player any SWC to field these Troopers, as their SWC points value is considered to be 0.


Army Lists must have one Trooper with the Lieutenant Special Skill.

However, players are not allowed to field more than one Trooper with the Lieutenant Special Skill in their Army List.

Combat Group

In Infinity CodeOne an Army List is formed of one Combat Group, which is a closed group of Troopers with a maximum number of members no greater than 10.


Only those Troopers who contribute or spend Orders take up space in the Army List. Peripherals don’t contribute or spend Orders, so they do not count towards the maximum limit of 10 Troopers.

Infinity Army


Infinity Army is the free and official tool to create Army Lists for Infinity CodeOne. This tool offers:

  • An easy and intuitive interface. The software of this application assesses the legality of each Army List the player creates, keeping in consideration the guidelines for the creation of Army Lists, both for standard games and for participating in Infinity CodeOne events.
  • Infinity Army has all the updated Unit Profiles available for Infinity.

Infinity Army is the quickest and easiest way to create Army Lists, and it is available for free on the official Infinity website: