Difficult Terrain

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Some of the battlefield’s zones may feature certain advantages or impairments to the Movement of Troopers attempting to cross them.

  • Troopers must apply the Difficult Terrain rules when their Silhouette is inside or in contact with a Difficult Terrain area and they declare a Skill with the Movement Label such as Move, Cautious Movement, Climb, Jump, or the Berserk Special Skill.
  • Difficult Terrain also affects Troopers who make Silhouette contact with it during an Order.
  • Entering Silhouette contact with a Difficult Terrain area immediately and automatically ends the Trooper's Movement, regardless of its type, for the rest of the Order.
  • If the Trooper chooses to continue to move through the Difficult Terrain area, they must declare a new Order and apply a MOD of -1 inch to both values of their MOV Attribute.