Scenery Structures

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Access Width (AW)

In Infinity, the scenery used on the table to simulate the game and mission settings is usually made up of buildings with different kinds of access points, such as a doorway, a window, etc.

This section describes the different types of access points regarding their size and which Troopers are allowed to pass through them. There are two possible Access Widths:

  • Narrow. This access point is only big enough for Troopers with a Silhouette Attribute of 2 or lower. It is marked by a Narrow Gate Token (NARROW GATE).
  • Wide. This access point allows all Troopers to pass through, regardless of their Silhouette value. It is marked by a Wide Gate Token (WIDE GATE).

Both players must agree on the Access Width the pieces of scenery could have before the game starts, marking them accordingly.


Troopers in Prone State, with Silhouette X, must apply the Silhouette Attribute value shown on their Unit Profile when considering restrictions for access points.


The Access Width rule always takes priority over the General Movement Rules and the Requirements of Skills with the Movement Label. If a Trooper does not have the Silhouette Attribute a specific access requires, the Trooper will not be able to go through it.


In Infinity, gates and accesses are always considered to be open, not blocking Line of Fire, unless a special rule or scenario condition says otherwise.