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Troopers have an awareness of their surroundings. Zone of Control (ZoC) is defined as an imaginary cylinder with a radius of 8 inches from the outer edge of the Trooper's Silhouette, extending 8 inches up from the top of the Silhouette and 8 inches down from the bottom of the Silhouette.

Zone of Control and AROs

Enemies entering or acting inside the Zone of Control of a Trooper while remaining outside that Trooper’s LoF can be reacted to, but only by using the Common Skills Dodge or Reset, unless the Trooper has a Special Skill, weapon, or piece of Equipment that can be used without LoF. (See FAQs & Errata.)


FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How do LoF and ZoC Skill Requirements work?

A: LoF Requirements must be fulfilled when declaring Skills. ZoC Requirements must be fulfilled during the Resolution step.

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