Visibility Conditions

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Due to thick vegetation, jagged rocks, snow, sandstorms and any number of other reasons, some areas obscure a soldier's vision and his ability to aim accurately. This is represented by the following game rules. Vision-obscuring areas are divided into four categories:

  • Low Visibility Zone
  • Poor Visibility Zone
  • Zero Visibility Zone
  • White Noise Zone

  • Any Skill, Special Skill or piece of Equipment that requires LoF, except Dodge, and is declared from, into, or through a Visibility Zone suffers a MOD to the relevant Attribute in the required Roll.
  • This MOD for Visibility stacks with other MODs for Special Skills, Equipment, Partial Cover, Range... but never with other Zone of Visibility MODs.

Low Visibility Zone

  • Low Visibility Zones apply a MOD of -3.

Poor Visibility Zone

  • Poor Visibility Zones apply a MOD of -6.

Zero Visibility Zone

  • Troopers cannot draw LoF through a Zero Visibility Zone.
  • Inside a Zero Visibility Zone, Troopers can only declare Skills that do not require LoF or that require them to be in base to base contact with their target.
  • Any Trooper who is the target of a BS Attack into, through, or out of a Zero Visibility Zone may respond to the attacker, provided the Trooper is facing the attacker.
    • However, in this situation, the Skills the target can declare in ARO, or as the second Short Skill of their Order, are limited to BS Attack with a -6 MOD, Dodge without the MOD, or any Skill that doesn't require LoF.

White Noise Zone

  • A White Noise Zone acts as a Zero Visibility Zone, but only for Troopers equipped with a Multispectral Visor of any Level, or any other piece of Equipment that specifies the same.


Visibility Zone MODs never stack with other Visibility Zone MODs. If any Roll would be affected by two or more Visibility Zones of whatever type, apply only the most obscuring.

For example, if a BS Attack's LoF passes through a Low Visibility Zone (-3 MOD) and a Poor Visibility Zone (-6 MOD), apply only one single -6 MOD.

Visibility Zones and Speculative Attack

Speculative Attacks do not require LoF, so do not apply any negative MODs for Visibility Zones, only the -6 MOD for Speculative Attack.

Visibility Conditions and Combat Jump

You cannot use Combat Jump inside of, or in contact with, an area with Low, Poor, or Zero Visibility Conditions.