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This chapter makes reference to additional rules that players may use to make their matches more realistic and complete, thus increasing and improving the game experience of Infinity N4. These rules are optional and must be agreed by players beforehand.

Special Terrain

Special Terrain zones are areas of the battlefield with special game rules. Players can situate them freely and mark their perimeter in a number of different ways, up to and including building their own thematic scenery.

Special Terrain rules are an easy way to spice up your Infinity games with new tactical challenges, and create interesting, asymmetrical battlegrounds.

  • Mark Special Terrain areas when you set up the game table, before the game starts.
  • These areas must have well-defined, recognizable limits whether they are represented by templates, pieces of scenery, or any other means.
  • In game terms, Special Terrain areas have infinite height unless otherwise specified.
  • Players must discuss and agree on the specific characteristics of each Special Terrain area.
  • When preparing the game table, the players must assign the characteristics that define each Special Terrain area: Difficult Movement, Saturation, Visibility Conditions and Type of Terrain.
  • Each Special Terrain must have the Type of Terrain characteristic and at least one other characteristic.

Area of Effect of Special Terrain Zones

  • In Infinity N4, the Area of Effect of a Special Terrain zone is the area in where its special effects are applied. Any Trooper in Silhouette contact with a Special Terrain zone, or whose base or Silhouette Template is covered at least partially by a Special Terrain zone, is equally affected by the Effects of the zone.

Characteristics of the Terrain

Terrain can be used to improve the game experience and has a series of combined characteristics that allow for multiple gaming options.

Types of Terrain

This characteristic describes the type of environment that dominates the area. [read more...]

Difficult Terrain

Some of the battlefield’s zones may feature certain advantages or impairments to the Movement of Troopers attempting to cross them. [read more...]


This characteristic describes the existence of solid obstacles that can limit the effectiveness of projectiles that traverse the area. [read more...]

Visibility Conditions

Due to thick vegetation, jagged rocks, snow, sandstorms and any number of other reasons, some areas obscure a soldier's vision and his ability to aim accurately. [read more...]

Special Terrain Suggestions and Examples

Beach Aquatic Yes -- No
Open sea Aquatic Yes -- No
Swamp Aquatic Yes -- Saturation Zone
Rocky ground Desert Optional -- Saturation Zone
Sand dunes Desert Yes -- No
Low mountain or steep hills Mountain -- -- No
Arctic plains Mountain Optional -- No
Mid-mountain Mountain Yes -- No
High mountain Mountain Yes Low Visibility Saturation Zone
Woods Jungle Optional Low Visibility Saturation Zone
Jungle Jungle Yes Low Visibility Saturation Zone
Dense jungle Jungle Yes Poor Visibility Saturation Zone
Primeval forest Jungle Yes Zero Visibility Saturation Zone
Zero-G Zero-G Yes -- No
Storm Aquatic /Desert/ Mountain /Jungle -- Increases Visibility Conditions by one level --
Engine Room Optional Zero-G Yes if Zero-G Low Visibility Saturation Zone
Generator Room Optional Zero-G Yes if Zero-G White Noise Saturation Zone
Energy Core Room Optional Zero-G Yes if Zero-G Low Visibility + White Noise --