Skills and Equipment

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Skills and Equipment in Infinity

Infinity CodeOne possesses a series of Skills and pieces of Equipment which allows a Trooper to act during the game. Moreover, in this section we will explain how Unit Profiles are notated, for a simpler and quicker understanding of the information about Skills and pieces of Equipment. [continued...]

Common Skills in Infinity

Common Skills can be employed by any Trooper, without needing to be listed in the Unit Profile. [continued...]

Special Skills in Infinity

This type of Skills cannot be performed by every Trooper, only by those with it listed in their Unit Profile. Troopers belonging to that Unit have received special training or have pieces of Equipment or natural skills that allows them to perform the Special Skill. [continued...]

Infinity Equipment

All the special Effects provided by pieces of Equipment are detailed next. [continued...]


Each Level a piece of Equipment can have is separate, and not cumulative with other levels. Therefore, only MODs and special rules indicated by the Level of the Trooper’s Equipment may be used.