Victory Conditions

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Once the game is over, it is time to determine the victor. The player who fulfills all victory conditions wins the game, but the conditions that govern victory—or defeat—depend on the type of game played.

Standard Game

In a Standard Game, the players meet on the battlefield with the goal of eliminating the opponent's forces. There is no specific objective, except destroying the enemy while suffering as few casualties as possible.

A Standard Game has 3 Game Rounds, and, at the end of the third Game Round, the players will compare their Victory Points. Remember that, in Infinity CodeOne, your Victory Points are the sum of all the Costs of those Troopers from your Army List who are not in a Null state.

The player with the most Victory Points wins the game.

In the event that both players end the game with the same number of Victory Points, the battle will be considered to have ended in a tie. Neither of the two armies has managed to prevail!

Mission or Scenario

The tactical flexibility and troop variety of Infinity CodeOne allow for games that go beyond simply destroying the opponent's forces.

In order to spice things up, or to recreate wartime special operations or high-stakes espionage missions, you can play games with a series of objectives that transcend mere carnage or that add unusual game conditions. Each scenario or mission must specify the objectives that players will strive to complete. During the mission, achieving objectives gives players Objective Points, at a rate determined beforehand by the mission rules. When a game has goals beyond wholesale elimination of the enemy, it becomes a mission, or a scenario.

The number of Victory Points each player has is always used as a tiebreaker if both players earn the same number of Objective Points in a scenario.


Playing Scenarios

This Core Book includes a number of scenarios so you can try exciting new game modes, but don't forget to take a look at the Downloads section of the official Infinity website.