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Infinity, a Miniatures Combat Game

Infinity is a 28 mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe.

Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, which are quick, lethal, and very risky. The player assumes command of a small group of elite troops engaging in undercover and clandestine operations.

Infinity is an innovative game system, dynamic and entertaining, which allows all players to participate during the entire gaming sequence. It possesses a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic maneuvers to employ during the game.

Infinity: Objective and Game Summary

Infinity is a competitive game that pits two rival armies against each other in a struggle to complete a series of tactical objectives. The game has a duration of three rounds, or ends when the units of a player have been eliminated. Mission details and the different End-Game modes that determine the winner are described further below.

Once the table is set, the players start the game by deploying their miniatures and markers on the gaming table. The game is organized through a series of Game Rounds, and in each Round, each player has their own Active Turn. During their Active Turn, each player assigns Orders to the Troopers to activate and play with them, moving them about the table, attacking enemy Troopers, and accomplishing the scenario objectives. At the same time, the opponent is also playing, by reacting to the actions made by the player who has the Active Turn, thanks to Automatic Reaction Orders (ARO).

During the game, the Rounds continue until the End-Game conditions are met, which ends the game. Once the game has finished, the players check their Objective Points and their Victory Points to determine who the winner is.

Introductory Game

The Introductory Game PDF is available for free on the Download section of the official Infinity website at