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Saving Rolls work like any other Roll in the Infinity game mechanics.

Impacts generally cause the target to lose one Wound/STR Attribute point when the result of the Saving Roll is equal or less than the Attack Damage. In these cases, the Trooper suffers Damage, and their Attribute profile and States may be affected.

To calculate the Attack Damage, the player must subtract the following from the Weapon's Damage:

  • The ARM/BTS Attribute as appropriate.
  • (-3) MOD due to Partial Cover, if applicable.
  • Apply other MODs (+ or -) due to Special Skills or rules, if any.

Once the value of the Attack Damage is determined, the player rolls a d20 for each hit and compares the result:

  • Saving Roll failed:
    • If the final result is equal to or lower than the Attack Damage, the hit is successful. When this happens, the most common consequence is the loss of one point from the target's Wounds/STR, or is affected by a detrimental state.
  • Saving Roll passed:
    • If the final result is higher than the Attack Damage, the target receives no Damage and suffers no alteration to its Attribute profile or state.

FAQs & Errata

N4 Errata
Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

[Errata] Is the PH-6 Roll for PARA Ammunition a Saving Roll?

Yes, the PH-6 Roll is a Saving Roll.

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