White Noise

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

  • To use this this Hacking Program, the Hacker must be the Active Trooper.
  • The White Noise Hacking Program generates a White Noise Zone the size of a Circular Template and with infinite height.
  • On a successful Normal WIP Roll, the Hacker may place the Circular Template representing the White Noise Zone inside their Hacking Area at the end of the Order.
  • The Circular Template must be totally inside the Hacking Area.
  • The effects of this Program persist until the start of the States Phase, at which point you must remove the Circular Template.
  • The range of this Program is the Hacker's Hacking Area.


Troopers possessing a Multispectral Visor cannot draw LoF through a White Noise Zone.

Name Attack MOD Opp. MOD DAM B Target Skill Type Special
White Noise -- -- -- 1 -- Short Skill NFB, Reflective: Circular Template blocking LoF for Multispectral Visors.