Types of Terrain

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This characteristic describes the type of environment that dominates the area. Select the Type of Terrain before deploying, so that both players know whether they can use the Terrain Special Skills .


For now, the Types of Terrain available for Infinity games are:

  • Aquatic Terrain:
Aquatic Terrain is any area of open water or partially submerged land. Examples of Aquatic Terrain include oceans, lakes, rivers, marshes, and swamps.
  • Desert Terrain:
Desert Terrain describes open areas that receive very little rainfall. These areas are usually severely hot and covered in sand; they are always dry and void of open water. Examples of Desert Terrain include sand dunes, rocky grounds, and desolate savannas.
  • Mountain Terrain:
Mountain Terrain encompasses areas high above sea level usually rocky and sparsely vegetated as well as arctic and subarctic ecoregions. Examples of mountain terrain include low, mid, and high mountain areas; ravines, fjords, cliffs, arctic plains covered in ice and snow, and tundra regions.
  • Jungle Terrain:
Jungle Terrain describes densely vegetated areas of any kind. Examples of Jungle Terrain include rainforest, jungle, dense woodlands, and thickly grown alien biomes.
  • Zero-G Terrain:
Zero-G Terrain is any area where gravity is low to nonexistent. Movement and orientation in these circumstances requires different skills than on solid ground. Zero-G Terrain includes areas with and without an atmosphere, including the vacuum of space.
Examples of Zero-G Terrain include spacecraft cargo bays, the outer rings of small space stations or orbitals, outside a flagship's hull, a space boarding operation, a derelict spaceship, and a moon base whose artificial gravity is malfunctioning.