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Troopers with Super-Jump have the ability to perform super-human jumping feats thanks to special gear, augmentations, or evolutionary advantages.

Movement, Optional
  • This Special Skill alters the user's Jump Skill from an Entire Order Skill to a Short Movement Skill.
  • It also allows Troopers to jump vertically, diagonally or horizontally, up to his first MOV Attribute value in inches if declaring Jump as a Short Movement Skill, and up to his second MOV Attribute value if declaring a second Jump as a Short Movement Skill.
  • By transforming Jump into a Short Movement Skill, the Super-Jump Special Skill allows its user to perform other Short Movement Skills or Short Skills while performing a jump (for example: Jump + BS Attack). (See Trooper Activation).
  • The user of this Special Skill may declare Jump as an Entire Order by adding both values of their MOV Attribute into a single jump.
  • As with the Jump Skill, by declaring Jump Troopers with Super-Jump are not benefitted by Partial Cover MODs during their trajectory of their jump.

  • When declaring the use of Super-Jump, the complete and exact trajectory that Trooper will perform must be specified so the rival player may declare all their AROs.
  • During their entire trajectory, Troopers have a 360˚ LoF.