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In Infinity, movement allows troopers to get around the game board. This section details all necessary rules to perform such movements.

Movement takes place within the normal Order Expenditure Sequence.

The Movement Attribute (MOV) from the Unit Profile indicates the number of inches this Trooper can move with an Order. The MOV Attribute usually has two values: the first time the Trooper moves in an Order, and the second.

Moving and Measuring

You can measure Movement distances immediately after declaring any Skill with the Movement Label and before determining where the Trooper ends his Movement, always measuring from the same point on the base’s outer edge and underside. [read more...]


Common Skill that allows the user to move about the battlefield. [read more...]

General Movement Rules

When moving Troopers around the battlefield, players must measure the complete route (including, for example, any detour to avoid obstacles) and must always use the same part of the base for their measurements. [read more...]

Prone State

During the Deployment Phase, players may deploy one or more of their Troopers Prone by placing a Prone Token beside them. [read more...]

Cautious Movement

Under certain circumstances, Troopers can declare this Common Skill to move about the battlefield without attracting enemy AROs. [read more...]


This Common Skill allows the user to clear obstacles and leap over small distances. [read more...]


This Common Skill allows the user to scale heights and move up and down vertical surfaces. [read more...]