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Common Skill that allows the user to move about the battlefield.

Movement, No LoF, No Roll.

Players will check the Requirements of this Skill when declaring it.

  • The Trooper’s base must always be in contact with the surface on which they intend to move.
  • Any surface they move on must be at least half as wide as their base.
  • The Trooper must be able to finish their movement on a surface that’s equal or larger than their base.
  • Allows the user to traverse the battlefield up to a distance determined by his MOV Attribute.
  • By declaring Move, the user may move up to the first value of his MOV Attribute in inches.
  • If the user declares Move again in the same Order, he may then move up to the second value of his MOV Attribute in inches.
  • Move must follow the General Movement Rules as well as the Moving and Measuring rules.

Example 1

Move over catwalks and narrow corridors.




Example 2

Order (Move + Move) on surfaces that are smaller than the base.


Although in both cases the Distance covered is 8 inches, in case B, it is not possible to carry out the movement because there is no valid surface at the end of the first Movement value.