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In Infinity CodeOne, Troopers have a Line of Fire (LoF) angle of 180º, that is, they can see with the front half of their base, as shown on the base of the miniatures.

Line of Fire (LoF) is the criterion by which players determine whether a Trooper can see its target. The Line of Fire (LoF) is an imaginary straight line that joins any point of the volume of a Model, Token, Marker or valid target to any point of the volume of another.

Remember that the volume of a Model, Marker, or Token is determined by the value of its Silhouette Attribute.

For a Trooper to be able to draw LoF to its target, it must meet these conditions:

  • The target must be total or partially within the Trooper's front 180º arc, unless some Special Skill or piece of Equipment ignores this restriction.
  • The Trooper must be able to see part of the volume of its target, with a minimum size of 3x3mm.
  • LoF can be drawn from any point of the Trooper's Silhouette to any point of the target's Silhouette without being obstructed by any pieces of scenery or Models (friendly or enemy).

To facilitate movement and interactions during game, we must consider the following exceptions when drawing LoF.

  • As long as any Trooper can draw LoF to its target, the target can draw LoF to its attacker as well, as long as the attacker is within the target's front 180º arc.
  • Troopers that declared any Skill with the Movement Label can draw a 360º LoF all along their route.
  • Troopers do not obstruct LoF all along their route.
  • Markers do not obstruct LoF.
  • Unless specified otherwise, Markers have a 360º LoF.
  • Troopers engaged in CC have a 360º LoF, but only to whatever they are in Silhouette contact with. Therefore, Troopers engaged in CC cannot draw LoF to Troopers or game elements that they are not in Silhouette contact with.

LoF: Game Aids

Miniature poses and irregular scenery can make LoF hard to determine. In those cases, it is up to the players to reach an agreement. Trying to look at the target from the miniature's point of view can be useful. To make checking LoF easier it is advised to make use of Silhouette Templates, rulers, laser pointers... to see whether anything obstructs the LoF.

Volume and LoF

eng-volume-and-lof.jpg Volume of a Miniature and use of the Silhouette Template to check the LOF.

LoF Examples

eng-lof-1-1024.jpg The orange Trooper has no LoF, but the blue Trooper does.

eng-lof-2-1024.jpg Both Troopers have LoF.

eng-lof-3-1024.jpg Both Troopers have LoF.

eng-lof-4-1024.jpg The blue Trooper has no LoF, but the orange Trooper does.