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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Annex Rule

This rule is from the annex to the Infinity N4 ruleset, containing a series of rules, special skills, weapons and pieces of equipment which have been adapted to the N4 system, but with a provisional nature. Rules included here are completely official, however they may be modified in further expansions of the N4 ruleset.

Update March 2022
The Infinity Fireteams rule allows players to activate a team of Troopers who support another Trooper—called Fireteam Leader—with reduced Order expenditure.

Sibylla's Advice

This rule allows the activation of groups composed of 2 to 5 Troopers by spending a single Regular Order during the Active Turn, which will grant a set of Bonuses in both the Active and Reactive Turn.

These Troopers must be in Coherency by remaining inside the Zone of Control of the Fireteam Leader, the Trooper who bears the weight of the Order during the Active Turn. Fireteam Leadership can alternate between the Fireteam members; players can change the Leader with each new Order.


The following cannot be part of a Fireteam:

Additionally, members of a Fireteam cannot be part of a Coordinated Order.