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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

When Troopers survive a successful Attack, it means their body armor took the brunt of the impact, keeping them from serious injury. This triggers a primal fear of death, and survival instincts kick in. The Troopers' survival instincts can force them to recoil from danger and dive for cover.

  • A Guts Roll consists in a single Normal WIP Roll, always performed at the very end of the Order, after performing any Saving Rolls.
  • If the Guts Roll is successful, the Trooper must stand its ground and must do nothing else.
  • If a Trooper would have to make a Guts Roll, its owner can instead choose to fail it automatically.
  • If the WIP Roll is failed, it is compulsory to perform the first of these options that the Trooper can complete:
    • 1. The Trooper must move up to 2 inches to completely leave:
      • The LoF of the Enemy or Enemies (for example, in the case of a Coordinated Order, or multiple AROs) that have performed Attacks against the Trooper.
      • The danger zone or Area of Effect of Attacks that did not require LoF.
    • 2. If this is not possible, the Trooper must move up to 2 inches to gain Total or Partial Cover from all attackers.
    • 3. If the two previous options are not possible, the Trooper must go Prone, facing in any direction its player chooses.
  • This movement of a failed Guts Roll:
    • Does not generate AROs or activate Deployable Weapons or Equipment.
    • Must follow the General Movement Rules as well as the Moving and Measuring rules.
    • Does not allow the Trooper to enter Silhouette contact with enemy Troopers, or with Mission Objectives.


Troopers in Engaged State do not make Guts Rolls.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Do Smoke Grenades etc. cause Guts Rolls?

A: No. Attacks with no Damage value that do not inflict States do not cause Guts Rolls.

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