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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Some Troopers or Hacking Devices have pieces of Equipment which provide extra protection against Comms Attacks. These defenses are codified in the Firewall rule, which applies a series of MODs to hinder the Attack and enhance the target's protection.

  • Any enemy that declares a Comms Attack against a Trooper benefitting from a Firewall will have to apply a negative MOD to his WIP Attribute, as indicated between brackets: Firewall (-3), Firewall (-6)...
  • A Trooper benefitting from a Firewall will apply a MOD of -3 to the Attack Damage of Comms Attacks if they have to perform a Saving Roll.
  • Troopers can only benefit from one Firewall at a time. If a Trooper can benefit from more than one Firewall, their player will decide which one to apply.

Sibylla Explains:

The Firewall in a Comms Attack is the equivalent of Cover in a BS Attack, it hinders the Attack and aids the target's Saving Roll.

Although the MOD to the Attack varies (-3, -6...), the MOD to the Saving Roll is always fixed (-3), unless a specific rule indicates otherwise.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: When do you apply the Firewall MODs for enemy Repeaters?

A: The Firewall MODs will only apply if using the enemy Repeater to use a Hacking Program against an enemy Hacker. If you are in the Zone of Control of an enemy Repeater, it is not mandatory to use the enemy Repeater.

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