Fireteam Cancellation

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Annex Rule

This rule is from the annex to the Infinity N4 ruleset, containing a series of rules, special skills, weapons and pieces of equipment which have been adapted to the N4 system, but with a provisional nature. Rules included here are completely official, however they may be modified in further expansions of the N4 ruleset.

In the Active and Reactive Turn, a Fireteam is automatically cancelled in the following cases:

  • The Team Leader enters Isolated State or any Null State. The cancellation occurs automatically at the end of the Order in which the Team Leader entered the State.
  • The Team Leader declares an ARO different from the Fireteam's ARO, the one declared by the rest of the Fireteam members. The cancellation occurs automatically at the end of that Order.
  • The Fireteam is reduced to one member, because other members have broken Coherency with the Team Leader, entered Isolated State or any Null State, or any other gaming condition has reduced the number of Fireteam members.
  • If a Retreat! situation occurs.
  • If the player uses a Command Token to create another Fireteam of the same type, if that type of Fireteam is exclusive.
  • The Fireteam can be cancelled voluntarily by the player, with no expenditure of Orders or Command Tokens.