Fairy Dust

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

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Supportware, No roll.
  • Only HIs, REMs or TAGs from the same Army List as the user may be chosen as targets.
  • Fairy Dust allows the Player to choose a single Troop Type (HI, TAG, or REM) that will benefit from Firewall (-3). Every Trooper of the Hacker's Army List that belong to the chosen Troop Type will apply the corresponding MODs every time they suffer a Comms Attack.
  • When the user activates this Program, which does not require a Roll, place a Fairy Dust Token (SUP: FAIRYDUST) beside them.
  • This Program's range covers the entire game table.

Name Attack MOD Opp. MOD DAM B Target Skill Type Special
Fairy Dust -- -- -- -- TAG, HI, REM Entire Order The targets gain Firewall MODs.


Supportware is automatically cancelled if the Trooper or Troop Type that benefits from the Supportware becomes targeted by a new Supportware Program, or the Hacker that is running it becomes Isolated or enters a Null State.

Example of Supportware Use and Cancellation

During their Active Turn, a Player that has two Troopers with EVO Hacking Devices on the table, declares Fairy Dust with one of them and chooses REMs as the Troop Type that will benefit from this Supportware.

For tactical reasons, they decide to spend the last Order on the other Trooper with an EVO Hacking Device to declare Enhanced Reaction on a REM located in the vanguard.

By designating a REM that was already benefitting from Fairy Dust, the new Supportware Program deactivates the Fairy Dust Program and the corresponding Token is removed from the table.