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  • Troopers in Engaged State are considered to be in Close Combat.
  • Troopers in this State can only declare CC Attack, Dodge, Idle, Reset, and Skills that specify that they can be used in Close Combat or in Engaged State.
  • Troopers that are in Engaged State may not trace LoF outside their Close Combat.
  • By declaring BS Attack on a Trooper in Engaged State, the BS Attack against a Close Combat rule must be applied.
  • Template Weapons placed on a group of Troopers in Engaged state will always affect all participating Troopers, even if the placement of the Template would only affect one of them.
  • This State is cancelled when the Trooper in question ceases to be in Silhouette contact with any Enemy Troopers.
  • A Trooper's Engaged State is automatically cancelled if, in the 5.1 Effects step of any Order, all enemies in Silhouette contact are in Null or Immobilized States.
  • A Trooper may also cancel the Engaged State if they pass a Dodge Roll, either Normal or Face to Face. In this case, the Trooper must leave Silhouette contact, moving up to 2 inches to separate themselves from the enemy.
If they cannot move to a valid position that is outside Silhouette contact, the Trooper will remain in Engaged State without moving.