Eclipse Ammunition

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Eclipse Ammunition is a variant of Smoke Ammunition designed to block the effect of Multispectral Visors.

Non-Lethal, Reflective, Targetless.
  • Eclipse Ammunition works in exactly the same way as Smoke Ammunition, but the Zero Visibility Zone it generates also affects Multispectral Visors, preventing them from drawing LoF, regardless of their Level.
  • Performing an Attack with a weapon with Eclipse Ammunition allows the user to make a Face to Face Roll against all enemy Attacks that require a Roll and LoF, and whose LoF passes through the Reflective Zero Visibility Zone generated by the Template.


The Area of Effect of a Template may affect Allied Troopers as long as the Template lacks the Damage Attribute and causes no State.

Multispectral Visors are affected by the Reflective Trait, so Troopers equipped with this piece of Equipment also perform Face to Face Rolls against weapons with Eclipse Ammunition.