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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Some soldiers show such utter disregard for their own lives that even the most crippling injuries will not keep them from reaching their goal.


  • The Trooper entered Unconscious State and his player announced he would activate the Dogged Special Skill, whether in the Active or Reactive Turn.
  • The Unconscious State of Troopers using the Dogged Special Skill has the following special rules:
    • Instead of placing an Unconscious Token next to the Trooper, place a Dogged Token.
    • To activate Dogged, the player must announce its use when the Trooper enters Unconscious State.
    • Allows the Trooper to ignore the effects and Null Label of Unconscious State, treating it as Normal State instead, but only for the rest of that Player Turn.
    • At the end of the Turn, the Trooper that activated Dogged automatically enters Dead State and is removed from play.
    • If the Trooper loses one or more further points of his Wounds Attribute, he enters the Dead State directly and is removed from play.
    • Once activated, Dogged prevents the Trooper from being healed (by Special Skills or Equipment such as Doctor, MediKit, Regeneration...).
    • This Special Skill does not interfere with Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, which will continue to function normally.

Shock Ammunition cancels the Unconscious State of Troopers using this Special Skill, and they pass directly to Dead State.