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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This section contains advanced rules that bring a new level of interest to Infinity. This chapter gathers all those rules that, even though they are not entirely required in order to play Infinity, complement the game by providing a more strategic, futuristic, and simulative component.

The game mechanics of this Module are based on the basic mechanics of Infinity N4. Therefore, the difficulty level is no greater than that of the basic rules. However, they are presented in a separate chapter to gradually introduce players to the Infinity rules in a specific sequence to make the game easier to learn.

Nevertheless, once players have tried these rules on the game table, they will realize how essential they are in order to fully enjoy a good game of Infinity N4.

Command Tokens

Command Tokens represent the command and control resources at your disposal to support your combat force. [continued...]

Coordinated Orders

A Coordinated Order is an organized combat action or maneuver carried out by several Troopers at once. By acting in unison, they can minimize the enemy's capacity for hostile reaction and use their superior numbers to safely neutralize a target. [continued...]