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Troopers with Climbing Plus are particularly gifted in or equipped for climbing and vertical relocation.

Movement, Optional
  • At the end of the movement, Troopers must be able to place themselves on a surface that is equal or larger than their base.
  • This Special Skill alters the user's Climb Skill from an Entire Order Skill to the Short Movement Skill Move.
  • Climbing Plus allows the user to move along vertical surfaces as if performing a normal Movement on a horizontal surface.
  • By turning Climb into the Short Movement Skill Move, the Climbing Plus Special Skill allows its user to perform other Short Movement Skills or Short Skills (for example: Move + BS Attack) while moving on a vertical surface, or if hanging from a height (See Trooper Activation).
  • As with the Climb Skill, Troopers using Climbing Plus do not benefit from Partial Cover MODs while they are on a vertical surface.
  • For visualization purposes, Troopers using this Skill move with at least half of their base's underside in contact with the vertical surface, as indicated in the Requirements of the Move and Climb Skills.
  • During the Reactive Turn, Climbing Plus allows its owner to react in ARO, if applicable, while being on a vertical surface.


Troopers cannot be deployed on vertical surfaces during the Deployment Phase or during the game.

  • When declaring the use of Climbing Plus, the complete and exact trajectory that Trooper will perform must be specified so the rival player may declare all their AROs.
  • Troopers have a 360˚ LoF during their entire trajectory.

Example of Climbing Plus



Spending an Order, the Trooper declares Move as the first Skill of their Order. Thanks to their Climbing Plus Special Skill, as the Trooper moves their first 2 inches and reaches the obstacle, they may continue their movement on the vertical surface, as if it was a horizontal surface.

Likewise, with the second Skill of their Order, they can choose to keep moving, or can declare any other Short Skill or Short Movement Skill such as BS Attack, Discover, etc.

Since there are no enemies in sight, the Trooper keeps moving.

With a second Order, they declare Move + Move, so they climb down the obstacle and advance until they have used all their movement.