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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Soldiers with this Special Skill have an uncanny ability to find equipment and gear during their field operations, and take some of it as a keepsake. As a consequence, each of them carries a different extra weapon or piece of equipment into battle.

  • Booty allows a roll on the Booty Chart, after placing the Trooper on the table when it is deployed, in order to determine that Trooper's extra item.
  • The item obtained via the Booty Chart is added to the Trooper's gear, and does not replace any of the Trooper's weapons or pieces of Equipment.

Booty Chart


Die Roll Result Die Roll Result
1-2 +1 ARM 13 Panzerfaust
3-4 Light Flamethrower 14 Monofilament CC Weapon
5-6 Grenades 15 MOV 8-4
7-8 DA CC Weapon 16 TAG: BS Attack (Shock)
Other Troop Types:
9 Multispectral Visor L1 17 MULTI Sniper Rifle
10 EXP CC Weapon 18 TAG: Immunity (Total)
Other Troop Types:
+4 ARM
11 Adhesive Launcher (+1B) 19 Mimetism (-6)
12 TAG: Immunity (AP)
Other Troop Types:
+ 2 ARM
20 TAG: BS Attack (+1B)
Other Troop Types:

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