Ballistic Skills

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Ranged combat and firefights are the foundation of modern warfare and play an equally pivotal role in Infinity CodeOne.


Before performing the BS Attack Roll (or Rolls), the player must check every MOD they must apply. There are MODs that will affect the numerical value of the roll, the Attribute and others may affect the BS Attack Roll's Burst (B). Existing MODs are:

  • Cover
  • Range
  • Special Skills, Weapons, pieces of Equipment, or States.


The term Cover refers to all pieces of scenery that partially or completely obstruct LoF, thus preventing the attacker from making a clean BS Attack.

  • If the target is in Total Cover, the attacker may not declare a BS Attack with Weapons, Special Skills, or Equipment, that requires LoF.
  • If the target is in Partial Cover, the attacker will apply a -3 MOD to their BS Attack Roll and the target of the BS Attack reduces the Attack Damage by 3 for Saving Roll purposes, if the Roll was necessary.

Types of Cover

Total Cover

Total Cover completely blocks the attacker's vision of his target, obstructing any LoF to their Silhouette.

A target is in Total Cover when one or more scenery items completely blocks LoF to its Silhouette.

Partial Cover

Partial Cover does not allow the attacker to see the whole Silhouette of their BS Attack's target.

A target is in Partial Cover when they are in contact with a piece of scenery that partially obscures their Silhouette.

Line of Fire and Cover

NO COVER eng-lof-and-cover-nocover-1024.jpg


Partial Cover due to being in contact with a scenery element that covers part of the target’s Silhouette. eng-lof-and-cover-partialcover-1024.jpg

TOTAL COVER eng-lof-and-cover-totalcover-1024.jpg


All BS Weapons, pieces of Equipment, and Special Skills, that can make BS Attacks apply a Range MOD that depends on the distance between the attacker and the target (see Range).

If the target is beyond the maximum Range of the BS Weapon, piece of Equipment or Special Skill, then the BS Attack automatically fails (the Order is spent, Disposable weapons lose a use, etc.).

For example, for the Combi Rifle we have the following values:


Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
Combi Rifle +3 +3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -- 13 3 N ARM

  • If the distance between the Trooper and the Target is from 0 to 16 inches, the Trooper has a +3 MOD to their BS Attack Roll due to Range.
  • If the distance is greater than 16 inches and equal to or less than 32 inches, the Trooper has a -3 MOD to their BS Attack Roll due to Range.
  • If the distance is greater than 32 inches and equal to or less than 48 inches, the Trooper has a -6 MOD to their BS Attack Roll due to Range.
  • The BS Attack automatically fails if the Range is more than 48 inches.

Special Skills, Weapons, Equipment, or States

Certain Special Skills, Weapons, Equipment or States can apply a MOD to BS Attack Rolls. These Special Skills, Weapons, pieces of Equipment, or States are explained in the respective sections of this rulebook.

BS Attack Into a Close Combat

If a BS Attack is declared against an enemy Trooper that is engaged in CC Combat a -6 MOD must be applied for each Allied Trooper engaged in the CC (in addition to any MODs for Range, Cover, Mimetism... for the target).

Every failed BS Attack Roll will hit the Allied Trooper, forcing them to perform a Saving Roll. If there are several Allied Troopers locked in that Close Combat, then the Trooper’s player chooses which one of them receives each hit.