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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This Skill allows the user to warn all allies of imminent danger so that they can turn to face new threats.

No Roll
  • The user must have LoF to an opponent's Trooper or Marker who declares or executes an Order.
  • Allows all other Troopers of the same player to modify their LoF without displacing, if the player so chooses. This will be considered as if the Troopers modifying their LoF had declared an ARO.
  • This modification to the LoF is made through a Normal or Face to Face Dodge (PH-3) Roll. The Face to Face Roll is only made in case that the alerted Trooper is the Active Trooper's target.
  • The alerted Troopers may perform the Dodge (PH-3) Roll as long as they had not previously declared any other ARO.
  • The Reactive Player must indicate which Troopers will modify their LoF after declaring their Look Out! ARO.
  • All the other Troopers' Dodge (PH-3) Rolls will be made in the same Order as the Trooper using the Look Out! ARO.

Example of Look Out!

During his Reactive Turn, Fusilier A gains LoF to a Kappa Unit that has declared Move as the first Skill of the Order, which allows him to approach Fusilier B. As Fusilier B is looking the other way, the Kappa is outside his Line of Fire and Zone of Control.

Since the Kappa Unit is too far from Fusilier A for him to shoot effectively, Fusilier A decides to declare the Look Out! ARO and the Reactive Player indicates that Fusilier B will make a Dodge (PH-3) Roll as ARO because he is alerted.

The Kappa Unit declares BS Attack against Fusilier B. Thanks to Look Out!, Fusilier B may face his Dodge (PH-3) Roll. If the Fusilier wins the Face to Face Roll, in addition to avoiding the Attack, he may turn around to face the Kappa Unit, if he wishes so. In that case, in the next Order that the Kappa Unit declares, Fusilier B will already have LoF to react by declaring, for example, BS Attack against his enemy.