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Common Skill employed to attack in ranged combat using a BS Weapon or another suitable weapon or piece of Equipment.

  • Be using a BS Weapon, or a Skill or piece of Equipment capable of making a BS Attack.
  • Be able to draw Line of Fire (LoF) to the target of the BS Attack, unless the BS Weapon, Skill or piece of Equipment used doesn't require LoF.
  • Not be in Engaged State during the Activation phase of that Order.
  • The user employs his BS Attribute (or Attribute specified by the weapon) to fire upon one or more enemies.
  • When declaring a BS Attack, the user must choose which of his BS Weapons, Special Skills or pieces of Equipment to use, from those available in his Unit Profile.
  • If the attacker has more than one target and a BS Weapon, Special Skill or piece of Equipment with a Burst value higher than 1, they must distribute their attacks as part of the BS Attack declaration. (See FAQs & Errata.)
  • All shots must be declared from the same point.
  • If the chosen weapon has more than one Type of Ammunition available, you must choose one for the entire Burst, as part of the BS Attack declaration.
  • Troopers with the BS Attack (Guided) Skill listed on their Unit Profile:
    • During the Active Turn, they may perform a BS Attack against a target in Targeted State, without requiring LoF. They will perform a BS Roll with a +6 MOD, ignoring all other MODs except those imposed by ECM or TinBots to Guided Attacks.
    • Unless the Skill itself indicates otherwise, the B will always be 1 regardless of the actual B value of the Weapon or any MODs applied to the B.
    • This BS Attack always applies the Impact Template (Circular) Trait, even if the weapon used does not have the Trait.
    • The distance to the target cannot exceed the weapon's maximum Range.
    • The target cannot be in an enclosed room, a possible trajectory for the Attack must always exist.
    • BS Attack (Guided) has a limit of 5 Attacks per Turn for the Active Player.
    • Only weapons that use the BS Attribute may be used with the BS Attack (Guided) Skill.
Move + BS Attack (or Vice Versa)

Since the Skills used in an Order are simultaneous, a BS Attack can be declared at any point during the route followed by the Move Skill. If the Burst is divided among several targets, all shots must be made from a single point. Usually, the attack is made from the position that offers the biggest advantage: a clear LoF, targets out of Cover, optimal range, etc.

BS Attack Into a Close Combat

If a BS Attack is declared against an enemy Trooper that is engaged in CC Combat a -6 MOD must be applied for each Allied Trooper engaged in the CC (in addition to any MODs for Range, Cover, Mimetism... for the target).

Every failed BS Attack Roll will hit the Allied Trooper, forcing them to perform a Saving Roll. If there are several Allied Troopers locked in that Close Combat, then the Trooper’s player chooses which one of them receives each hit.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Do you need to specify all details of a Skill when declaring it? For example where the target is for a BS Attack, or where the template is being placed for White Noise?

A: Yes, with the exception of the target’s position, which is chosen in the Resolution step, before measuring Ranges. If the order of declaration is important, the active player chooses who declares first.

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