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Unless otherwise specified, each failed ARM/BTS Roll reduces by 1 the Wounds/Structure Attribute of the trooper that received the Attack. When this happens, place a Wound Marker (WOUND) next to the trooper. Use the numbers on the Markers to indicate the number of Wounds/Structure points the trooper has lost so far. If the trooper has lost enough Wounds/Structure points to fall Unconscious, use an Unconscious/ Damaged Marker instead.

Certain Special Ammunition, Attacks, Equipment, Hacking Programs, etc. force the target to make more than one ARM/BTS Roll for each success in the Attack Roll. Others cause the target to lose more than one Wounds/Structure point when an ARM/BTS Roll is failed, or cause a change in the state of the target... The specific effects of each type of Ammunition, Attack, etc. are explained in their rules.