Viral Special Ammunition

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N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This page contains second edition content from Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.



It is a type of ammunition created to maximize the damage in a target organism.

The Attribute used to resist this Special Ammunition is always BTS and not ARM.

Viral Special Ammunition requires its target to perform two BTS Rolls. Even if the target fails the first of them, or is Unconscious, he must still make the second Roll. Criticals with Viral Special Ammunition cause a direct Wound and require the target to perform the additional BTS Roll as well.

Figures with 1 W, after a failed BTS Roll, pass directly to the Dead state, ignoring the Unconscious state. This special effect doesn’t apply to miniatures whose profile has a base Wounds (W) Attribute higher than 1 (Such as Heavy Infantry in powered armour), troops whose W value has been increased from 1 (Such those with the Striga Special Skill) and those figures with a STR Attribute instead of W, like Remotes or T.A.G.s. In such cases, the target must perform two BTS Rolls, taking 1 Wound for each roll failed.

Viral Ammunition ignores Immunity (Total and Shock), Valor L2: Dogged and Valor L3: No Wound Incapacitation Special Skills. As a collateral effect, this Special Ammunition prevents biological beings using the Transmutation Special Skill for the rest of the battle once they are wounded. Cover rules are applied as usual to Viral Ammunition attacks.

Viral Ammunition uses soft-shell special projectiles coated with immunological inhibitors and with a core of wide spectrum viral agents.

Viral Ammunition is an armament project developed in laboratories by biologists and immunologists commissioned by the Haqqislamite Army. Designed specifically as deadly light ammunition, it’s the answer for “One shot, one kill” philosophies. The use of it as anti-riot ammunition against Dogfaces is of interest specifically to Ariadna, which acquired a shipment in exchange for a significant amount of Teseum.

ATTENTION: This type of ammunition is forbidden by the Concilium Convention. Its use will be penalized by the international courts.