Twin Weapons

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When a trooper has two identical BS weapons, he may use them simultaneously for enhanced firepower.

Optional, Active Turn
  • The trooper must have two identical BS weapons (two Rifles, two Combi Rifles, two Boarding Shotguns, two Light Flamethrowers, etc.)
  • Troopers with two of the same BS weapon can use them as a single weapon with a +1 Bonus to its Burst (B).
  • Thanks to this Bonus, in Active Turn, a trooper with 2 identical Direct Template Weapons (2 Chain Rifles, 2 Light Flamethrowers...) may place the Template twice per declaration, even against different targets.
  • In order to Dodge several Direct Templates placed in a single Order, the target must pass a single Normal PH (or PH-3) Roll. If successful, all Templates are dodged.
  • Even if the weapons have different Shooting Modes, the whole Burst must use the same type of Shooting Mode.
  • The +1 B Bonus is not applicable when the attack is an Entire Order Skill (Intuitive Attack, Speculative Fire...).
  • If the trooper uses the Twin Weapons rule with Disposable Weapons with limited ammunition (such as two Panzerfausts), then benefiting from the +1 B Bonus means expending one additional projectile.
  • For example, a trooper with two Panzerfausts (a weapon capable of shooting twice and with B 1) using the Bonus would make an attack with B 2, thus consuming in a single Order one projectile from each Panzerfaust. A second BS Attack with both Panzerfausts would deplete them both.
  • The Twin Weapons rule cannot be used if both weapons are not identical. For example, a trooper with a Combi Rifle and a MULTI Rifle, or one with a Chain Rifle and a Nanopulser, would not be able to apply this rule.
  • This rule is only usable in the Active Turn.