Total Reaction

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Troopers with this Special Skill have superior reaction capabilities, packing as much of a punch in ARO as on the offense.

  • The user may use the full Burst (B) of his weapon against a single target in ARO.

Notes on Total Reaction

  • If the BS Roll is a Normal Roll, make as many Rolls as the weapon's B value, like you would in Active Turn.
  • If the BS Roll is a Face to Face Roll, the resolution is similar to firing in Active Turn, but taking more dice into account. Players make all BS Rolls and then compare them. All modified results that are better than the opponent's best Roll hit their mark and force the target to make an ARM Roll.

Total Reaction example
Fusilier Angus is standing on open ground, 12 inches away from a Total Reaction-enabled Yaókòng Hùsòng Remote. In his Active Turn, Angus declares a BS Attack against the Yaókòng Hùsòng. The Remote reacts by declaring a BS Attack ARO. With its Total Reaction Special Skill, the Yaókòng Hùsòng shoots four times (his HMG has B4) instead of just once.
Angus' Combi Rifle has B3, so he makes three Face to Face BS Rolls against the Remote's four. Angus has BS 12. With his Combi Rifle's Range MOD (-3), his modified Attribute is 12 -3 = 9. Angus rolls and gets a 3 (success), a 17 (failure) and an 8 (success). The Yaókòng has a modified BS of 11 + 3 (Range MOD). His four dice show a 2 (success), a 14 (Critical hit), a 13 (success) and a 20 (failure). The Yaókòng Hùsòng gets to hit with all dice better than Angus' best (an 8). That means the Remote hits twice, with his 14 and his 13. As a result, Angus loses one point from his Wounds Attribute automatically (for the Critical) and must make one single ARM Roll.
With the help of special servos, response time enhancements and mobility systems, some units are capable of reacting faster and more accurately to threats, giving them an invaluable offensive-defensive edge. This feature is common among robotic units designed for surveillance and security, but anti-sniper units also exhibit similar capabilities.