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  • The trooper suffered the effect of a piece of scenery or a Special Scenario Rule or condition capable of causing this state.


  • Troopers declaring a BS Attack or a Hacking Attack against a Targeted trooper may apply a +3 MOD to their relevant Attribute.
  • This MOD is cumulative with all other MODs for Range, Cover, CH: Camouflage, etc., with the exception of the Guided Trait, whose MODs already factor this in.
  • If a trooper in the Targeted state is chosen as the target of Speculative Fire, then the -6 MOD usually applied to that type of Attack is ignored. However, the +3 MOD is still applied.
  • Troopers in the Targeted state can be chosen as targets of Attacks using BS Weapons with the Guided Trait, applying the full advantages of this Trait.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment.


  • The Targeted state is automatically cancelled at the end of the Player Turn during which it was caused.