Structure of an Order

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Players use Orders to activate troopers and have them perform actions in the form of Skills (Move, Jump, CC Attack...). Depending on their complexity and the in-game time taken, Skills are divided into:

  • Short Movement Skills: Can be declared twice or combined with a different Short Movement Skill in the same Order. For instance, you could use an Order to Move and Discover. They can also combine with a Short Skill.
  • Short Skills: Can only combine within the same Order with a Short Movement Skill. Cannot be declared twice or combined with other Short Skills.
  • Entire Order Skills (or just Entire Order for short): These Skills employ one whole Order and cannot combine in any way.

In other words, the expenditure of an Order allows the activated trooper to declare one of the following combinations of Skills:

  • Any one Entire Order Skill.
  • Any one Short Movement Skill plus any one Short Movement Skill.
  • Any one Short Movement Skill plus any one Short Skill (and vice versa).

Even if declared one after the other, both Skills in a single Order occur simultaneously. For example, if you declare Move plus BS Attack, (the Short Skill troopers use to fire their weapons), you can make the BS Attack at any point during the movement route declared, and not necessarily at the beginning or the end of that route.