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Racial Special Skill that represent the characteristic behavior of Shasvastii combatants when they fall Unconscious.



The Spawn-Embryo state is a type of Unconscious state, and troopers in either state do not generate Orders.

Shasvastii example
A Shasvastii Shrouded falls Unconscious and its player places a SpawnEmbryo Marker (SPAWN-EMBRYO) near its model. At the end of the Turn, the Shrouded, in the SpawnEmbryo state, is not counted as a casualty by its army.
During the following turn, an enemy hits the SpawnEmbryo Shrouded with a successful BS Attack. The Shrouded maintains its usual ARM value in the subsequent ARM Roll, but nevertheless fails and is removed from play. At the end of that Turn, the Shrouded finally joins the list of casualties.

As a fundamental part of their obsessive plan to colonize the entire universe, the Shasvastii race has voluntarily bioengineered its physiology to guarantee the survival of the species, if not of any individual member. With these modifications, all Shasvastii carry inside their torso a SpawnEmbryo with which to seed new territories or maintain control of a contested area even after the death of the host.

The alien morphophysiology of the Shasvastii, a result of their overdeveloped survival instinct, is nothing like our own. All Shasvastii are partially hermaphroditic and host a fast-growing SpawnEmbryo that can be planted in enemy territory. These SpawnEmbryos are also capable of feeding on the host's corpse, thus increasing the chances of survival of the genetic strain. After a short time, the SpawnEmbryo hatches a full-grown Shasvastii with the hard-coded genetic instructions necessary to advance the expansionist agenda of the Shasvastii Continuum.