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Third Offensive Content.

This Special Skill allows the user to give a bonus to the WIP Attribute value of a trooper who possesses the Engineer or Remote Pilot Special Skill. Remote Assistant is a Special Skill with several Levels.

  • The user of this Special Skill must be deployed on the game table, as a model or as a Marker.
  • The user of this Special Skill cannot be in any Null state.
  • This Special Skill provides a +1 bonus to the WIP Attribute value of those troopers in your Army List that possess the Engineer or Remote Pilot Special Skills, without requiring any Roll or the expenditure of an Order.
  • This +1 WIP bonus is not stackable with other bonuses or WIP MODs provided by other rules, Special Skills, Equipment, or Hacking Programs, except for those who specifically state otherwise.

Remote assistance technicians have the role of providing relevant data and technical support to boots-on-the-ground agents, thus improving their operational capabilities and maximizing their mission success rates. To facilitate their job, technicians are furnished with quick-access libraries on a variety of topics, many of which contain classified materials. These invaluable libraries are certain to be targeted by competing intelligence services, so they are protected by self-deletion protocols in case they should fall into enemy hands.