Fireteam: Triad (Skill)

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Troopers possessing this Special Skill can compose a Fireteam of up three members.

  • Troopers possessing this Special Skill can only form a Fireteam: Triad with other troopers possessing this same Special Skill.
  • When used, the owner of this Special Skill must be part of that Fireteam: Triad.

The Tohaa are a very gregarious race, used to working as a team towards common objectives, and for which the number three is of great sociological relevance. This racial characteristic is reflected in their combat doctrine that favors quick formation of three member fireteams, able to perform at a high degree of competence even when they have different skills and training. However, there are also loners among the Tohaa, whose military specialization does not allow them to form part of a fireteam.